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Your Septic Maintenance Specialist

Below is an overview of the services that Absolute Septic provides. Absolute Septic has been serving the Pikes Peak Region since 2002 and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader for many years to come. NOTE: All prices are subject to change (more or less) depending on the particular circumstances peculiar to a specific job.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services don’t hesitate to call us at  (719) 689-7867 or send us an e-mail at

Tanks Pumped

Solids (scum and sludge) accumulate in septic tanks. They must be removed periodically. Typically the counties in Colorado recommend pumping every two to three years. Most modern tanks come with two compartments, A professional pumping thoroughly cleans both sides… we always do.

Pricing:700 gal $300 (additional depending on size of tank)

Inspection & Repairs

A regular inspection is your best insurance to prevent expensive repairs or even possible replacement. We are a certified NAWT licensed inspector. We care about accurate evaluation of the health of your complete system. Whether a real estate evaluation, or home or business our accurate and honest inspections will likely save you time and expense in both long and short term. If repairs are needed we use only the highest quality products and in-depth expertise to insure they are long lasting and completely reliable.

Pricing: NAWT Cert Insp. $200-$330, Non-Cert $150, Repairs:Troubleshooting Rate + Materials

Troubleshooting (Service Call)

Septic problems can range from simple to very complex. With our years of experience we have seen a lot of problems. We have the equipment (camera, metal detector, etc.) and the know how to rapidly and correctly diagnose your problem.

Pricing: $150.00 FIRST HR – $ 50.00 PER HR

Risers & Baffles Installed

Tanks are buried in the ground, some several feet in the ground. Risers provide easy access to the two chambers of the septic tank. Absolute Septic has competitive pricing for riser installation.

Pricing: Concrete $100 per foot + $100 Lid Per Chamber 
Plastic is $80 per foot + lid

Electronic Locating

If a tank or other part of the septic system are installed without markings, sometimes a large part of the work required is in the finding and uncovering of the system. Absolute Septic employs a sewer pipe camera, metal detector and other equipment to make this part of the job as efficient as possible.


Lift Station Service

Lift stations are employed when the drain field must be uphill from the tank. They use an electric pump with controls (including alarms). Often pumps can fail and cause backup problems. We have extensive knowledge and experience in troubleshooting and repairing these kinds of issues.

Pricing:Troubleshooting Rates

Thawing Frozen Pipes and Tanks

The properties in the high country generally have temperatures below 0F at least a few times in the winter. Ice will develop in sewer pipes and stop your entire system causing a back up. There can be several causes for this problem We use steam to melt the ice and get your system back to operating

$200 first hour then $100 per Hour after that
(Additional Charges May Apply) 

Products and Supplies for Self Service Maintenance

Because of the typical American diet and if systems dont have periodic maintenance, systems can develop grease problems in the septic drain field. With a monthly use of enzymes the sludge, scum and grease in the tank is reduced therefore the tank is healthier and requires pumping less frequently.

Pricing:$ Depends on the Products / Supplies

Additional Specific Products and Services with Pricing:

Pumping Greese Trap
SM $ 125.00 LG $ 300.00
More Than 3 Hoses
$ 40.00/Hose
Flush & Bust Sludge
$ 50.00
Solids Plugging Hose
$ 50.00
Steep Hillside
$ 50.00
Grease Plugging Hose
$ 50.00
Filter Cleaning
SM $40.00 LG $80.00
Wash Floors
$ 50.00
Pump Run Over 20 Min
Fuel Surcharge to Remote Locations
After 20 Miles From Station $2.00 / Mi
Entering Customer Tanks
Jobsite Specific
Jobsite Specific
1 Year Supply of Enzymes
$ 50.00